Book Series

Vol. 4


The collection book contains six studies of fives Hungarian scholars and experts. The starting point of all papers was the basic question: how the Great Recession (2008-2009) changed the economic and political environment in the East-Asian region, and what policy reactions have been evoked by the crisis on multilateral and bilateral level.

The Oriental Business and Innovation prepared this book with the goal of giving an overview of new trends in development policies and international trade policies in the region. We hope the papers provide the reader with valuable insights as to the economic development strategies in the changing East-Asian Region.

This collection book is the fourth in the OBIC Book Series and the first one solely dedicated to economic development policy questions and international trade issues. We are thankful for the financial assistance of the Central Bank of Hungary, and the leadership of the Budapest Business School and all the people who supported our efforts in the making of this collection book.

Online available form of the book: