Book Series

Vol. 1


The One Road, One Belt Initiative, along with the New Silk Road, and the 16+1 mechanism are all integral parts of China's economic and globalization strategy. These initiatives to open up new markets for Chinese goods and services are welcomed by Central European countries, which have always have balanced between the big powers, while also in constant need of capital and technology. Historically, the capital and technology flowed from Western European countries to Central and Eastern Europe, thus generating growth but also asymmetries. The Central European dependency can be mitigated by China stepping up its economic presence in the region. The authors of this book attempt to analyze the most important impacts of the growing Chinese presence in the region. We are thankful for the financial assistance of the Central Bank of Hungary, the Ministry of Human Capacities (Program of Excellence), the leadership of the Budapest Business School and all the people who helped the birth of this booklet - the first in the Oriental Business and Innovation Center Book Series.

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