Book Series

Vol. 3


Improving economic, cultural and higher educational relations between geographically distant countries is never easy. But this generalization does not rule out exceptions, which means that long distances do not necessarily prevent relatively strong trade, capital relations and developing contacts in fields such as cultural and higher education cooperation and exchange. The Oriental Business and Innovation Center of the Budapest Business School has published its two-volume book "Go Hungary - Go Indonesia". These books are the result of the joint efforts of Hungarian and Indonesian scholars. Adopting a multidisciplinary perspective, we aim to review the key areas of relations between the two countries. Our objective is to cover the most important fields of mutual interest including economy and trade, investment opportunities, student and teacher mobility in higher education and cultural issues. Each volume contains chapters, which - according to the editor's expectations - will be of interest not only for scholars, but of open-minded students and businessmen alike. We wished to perform a pioneering work in the detailed and profound research of important and promising aspects of the mutual efforts of Hungary and Indonesia. By doing so we would like to contribute to the scientific underpinning of the eastern opening of the Hungarian economy and to the strengthening of the Central European focus on the objectives of Indonesian internationalization. We are thankful for the financial assistance of the Budapest Business School, University of Applied Sciences and the Central Bank of Hungary. Without the sustained confidence and support and the leadership of the Budapest Business School, it would have been impossible to publish this book. In addition, the diplomatic missions of both countries played a key role in finding the best strategy to implement this project. Special thank is owed to APTISI (Association of Indonesian Private Higher Education Institutions).

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