Dialogues wih the Orient VIII

Dialogues with the Orient
Central Asia as a Conflict Zone of Superpowers

30th March 2022

The eighth Dialogues with the Orient event was held on 30th March 2022 by the Oriental Business and Innovation Center (OBIC) in Hungarian. Within the framework of the event, a roundtable discussion took place. Invited experts discussed the latest developments in the region, the role of the Central Asian states in superpower politics and the world economy.

Venue: BBU, 1055 Markó Street 29-31, Lotz Hall
Time: 15:30 - 17:00
Language of the event: Hungarian


15:30       Opening
Marianna VÁLÓCZI, PhD - Director of OBIC

15:35      Roundtable Discussion

                 Anton BENDARZSEVSZKIJ - Director of Research, Danube Institute
                 Pál István GYENE, PhD - Assosiate Professor, Budapest Business University
                 Prof. László VASA, PhD - Professor, Széchenyi István University
                                                           Chief Advisor, Senior Researcher Fellow, Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade

              Moderator: György Iván NESZMÉLYI, PhD - Professor, Budapest Business University
                                                                         Head of Research, OBIC


Photos of the event