The Indonesian Language

Why is it beneficial to learn Indonesian?

Why should you choose this language?

The national language of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesian, whose current form was created by standardising a dialect of Malay after the proclamation of the Indonesian independence, therefore the two languages still share many similarities. Unlike most Eastern languages, Indonesian uses Latin letters which makes it easier for us to learn. Indonesian is spoken by around 250 million people in Indonesia. Today, thanks to more than 20 years of diplomatic cooperation, Hungary and Indonesia enjoy a strong economic, political and cultural partnership. Studying Indonesian is a great investment, knowing the Indonesian culture and customs is a smart and wise choice. Thanks to the aid and cooperation of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Budapest, in addition to a basic language training, the course offers students the opportunity to learn about culture, gastronomy, economics and etiquette relevant to their studies and goals. (Some of the Indonesian language course students have already participated in summer universities, study trips and a one-year scholarship programme.)