The Korean language

Why is it beneficial to learn Korean?

Why should you choose this language?

I am sure many of you have heard melodious Korean speech while watching a TV series or listening to music. They developed their own set of sound-marking alphabets in the 1400s, creating one of the most scientific alphabets still in use in the world. It reflects emotions beautifully, its grammar is easy to learn, but it is more difficult to understand by ear. Korean has a structure typical of the Altaic family of languages, with many similarities to Hungarian, and is closely related to other languages. Korea has an important role in transmitting Chinese high culture (e.g. Buddhism and Chinese literacy) to Japan, which shows that knowing Korea is a good way to learn about the whole region. Therefore, for those who are interested in the region, it is definitely worth learning the language and culture, and through this learning more about the history and society of the country. It is a unique culture and language that can benefit everyone, especially as more and more Korean companies are coming to Hungary.