Oriental Language Courses

For BBU students

The Oriental Business and Innovation Center (OBIC) offers free Oriental language courses outside the curriculum for BBU students and professors every semester. 

OBIC's overall goal is to contribute to the education of experts who can speak East Asian languages and are familiar with the cultures and economies of East Asian countries. For this reason, OBIC provides opportunity for BBU students to attend Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese courses free of charge (available languages are subject to vary each semester).

Lessons are held twice a week, in 2x45-minute-long blocks in groups of 5-20 for 10-12 weeks with excellent language teachers, who encourage the students semester by semester to continue studying and master the Oriental languages.

In the past 6 years, approximately 500 students have participated in OBIC's language courses. 

Why is it beneficial to learn east-asian languages? Which language should you choose?