DITEC Conference Proceeding


The last two decades have seen rapid growth of digital technology in the global economy. This trend is expected to continue with a rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Digitalization, robotization and automation (DRA) are becoming increasingly important in our business and society. It is obvious that these technologies create many new opportunities for the business sector. On the other hand, there are many challenges between DRA technologies and society.

This proceeding is the outcome of the International Conference on "Digitalization in International Trade and E-Commerce" (DITEC), held at Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Language in Shaoxing, China on the 10th-11th January in 2020. The main theme of the conference was to explore the role of DRA technologies in the perspective of business and society in Europe and China under the rapidly growing digitalization era.

This proceeding consists of selected seven papers that benefited from comments and discussions during the conference. The papers examine various topics on DRA technologies including consumer protection legislation and product liability regulations, issues on labor market and education, the role of blockchain in supply chain networks, the role of artificial intelligence-based neuro-fuzzy model in innovation, political relations between Europe and China. This proceeding provides a wide range of analyses on DRA technologies and helps us to understand the current issues and future prospect of DRA technologies.

The conference and the proceeding was supported by the Oriental Business and Innovation Center (OBIC).  

The proceeding is available online: