OBIC Book Series 3

Energy Crisis and Security Challenges in the World:

Sustainable Responses of the Asian Economies and Societies

Selected studies presented at the 6th Annual OBIC Conference

(Budapest, May 5, 2023)

Editors: György Iván Neszmélyi, Pál Koudela

Published: August 17, 2023

Published by the Budapest Business School, University of Applied Sciences, Oriental Business and Innovation Center (H-1165, Diósy Lajos Str. 22-24)

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-67-6

ISBN 978-615-6342-66-9 (Print)

ISBN 978-615-6342-67-6 (Online)

ISSN 2939-712X (Online)

ISSN 3003-9487 (Print)

"In our days—just shortly after the Coronavirus 19 pandemic hit the world's soci­ety and economy hard—mankind faces new trends and challenges. These phe­nomena are multifaced but can be characterized by the trend of challenging the so-called Pax Americana, especially by the emerging political and economic pow­ers claiming the necessity of new, multipolar world order based on the increasing respect of national sovereignty, however, exact goals and the way of implementa­tion of such new order cannot be seen clearly, only several "accompanying" phe­nomena. (…)
These complex phenomena were set to the forefront of the recent Annual International Scientific Conference of the Oriental Business and Innovation Center (held in Budapest, on 5th May 2023). In the present issue (No. 3) of OBIC Book Series, we present a selection of studies which were presented at the men­tioned conference under title "Energy Crisis and Security Challenges in The World: Sustainable Responses of The Asian Economies and Societies".



About the Authors

Foreword - pp. 11-13.

Evaluation of Digital Economy Development in 31 Chinese Provinces and Cities - pp. 15-31.

Authors: Jing Cai, György Iván Neszmélyi, and Ziji Wei

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-67-6_1

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BRI and Latin America: Analysis of Political, Economic, and Cultural Development in the period 2013–2022 - pp. 33-55.

Authors: Lady Gaviria-Ochoa, José Fernando Zapata Vélez, and Sophia Zur Linden

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-67-6_2

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Vietnam's Response to a Call for a Renewable Energy Revolution in the Context of Trade Integration: What Could be Learnt from the EU? - pp. 57-88.

Author: Thi Kim Cuc Nguyen

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-67-6_3

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Chinese Pursuit of Energy Security via Partnerships' Development within the SCO Mechanism - pp. 89-107.

Author: Slobodan Popovic and Ljiljana Stevic

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-67-6_4

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The Comparison of Digitalization Based on Innovation or Economic Development Through Bibliometric Analysis Between Asian Countries and European Countries - pp. 109-133.

Author: Esin Nesrin Can, Çiğdem Özari, and Murat Unanoğlu

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-67-6_5

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Comparative Advantage and Policy Analysis of Pakistan's Rice (Paddy) Sector
- pp. 135-165.

Author: Reema Zia

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-67-6_6

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