OBIC Book Series 2

Cities in Asia

Editors: György Iván Neszmélyi, Pál Koudela

Published: August 15, 2023

Published by the Budapest Business School, University of Applied Sciences, Oriental Business and Innovation Center (H-1165, Diósy Lajos Str. 22-24)

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-64-5

ISBN 978-615-6342-63-8 (Print)

ISBN 978-615-6342-64-5 (Online)

ISSN 2939-712X (Online)

ISSN 3003-9487 (Print)

"(...)The main goal of publishing the present book of studies as the newest issue of OBIC Book Series was to present several characteristic examples from Asia with the view of broaden the Readers' scope about the challenges of cities in Asia by providing up-to-date information and analysis focusing on their changing international role, internal structure, economic development, technological innovations, and social changes. Our authors pursued their research not only by focusing on the regional and spatial aspects of urbanization process, but they extended their work to the connected fields of economy, business, administration, regional and social sciences as well (...)."



About the Authors

Foreword - pp. 11-13.

Jakarta in a Time of Political and Economic Change: Capital Transformation, City Resilience, and Collaborative Governance - pp. 15-42.

Authors: Muhamad Iksan, Jenn-Jaw Soong, and Muhammad Fajar Anandi

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-64-5_1

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City Networks as Tools of City Diplomacy - the Case of Seoul - pp. 43-63.

Authors: Tomasz Kamiński and Natalia Matiaszczyk

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-64-5_2

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The Future of Japanese Urbanization: Technological Wonderland or Robotized Dystopia? - pp. 65-86.

Author: Paolo Pizzolo

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-64-5_3

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Issues and Perspectives on the Water Crisis of Metro Manila Cities, Philippines - pp. 87-103.

Author: Jose R. Aims Rocina

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-64-5_4

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The Smart City Concept and its Challenges in India - pp. 105-126.

Author: Amandeep Singh

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-64-5_5

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Exploring the Diplomatic Role of Ho Chi Minh City in Comprehensive International Integration: The Implication of City Diplomacy for Vietnam
- pp. 127-148.

Author: Tran Anh Tuan

DOI: 10.29180/978-615-6342-64-5_6

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