OBIC Book Series 1

Changing Trade and Investment Relations of the Taiwanese Economy

Editor: György Iván Neszmélyi

Published: November 24, 2022

Published by the Budapest Business School, University of Applied Sciences, Oriental Business and Innovation Center (H-1165, Diósy Lajos Str. 22-24)

DOI: 10.29180/9786156342393

ISBN 978-615-6342-62-1 (Print)

ISBN 978-615-6342-39-3 (Online)

ISSN 2939-712X (Online)

ISSN 3003-9487 (Print)

"In the present book of studies (...) the esteemed Reader can find eight studies being authored by professors and scholars from Hungary and Taiwan. The objective of the book is to broaden the readers' scope about Taiwan's economy including its relations with the most important partners and also to provide a perspective to the Taiwanese society including cultural aspects."



About the Authors

Foreword - pp. 13-14

Taiwan's Social and Economic Challenges - pp. 15-39

Author: György Iván Neszmélyi

DOI: 10.29180/9786156342393_1

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Taiwan-V4: New Approach to Sustainable Economy and Deepening Taiwan-EU Relations - pp. 41-65

Author: Adolfo Yinshi Wu

DOI: 10.29180/9786156342393_2

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The State of the Cross-Strait Affairs - pp. 67-92

Author: Judit Szilágyi

DOI: 10.29180/9786156342393_3

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From the US-Taiwan Economic Relationship to Sustainable Global Economic Development - pp. 93-120

Author: Tony Sowang Kuo

DOI: 10.29180/9786156342393_4

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Taiwan's Foreign Relations with Developing Countries - pp. 121-147

Author: Csenge Gulyás

DOI: 10.29180/9786156342393_5

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Taiwan's Trade and Investments in the Hyper-Globalized World, its Participation in the Activities of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and in other International Organizations - pp. 149-184

Author: László Árva

DOI: 10.29180/9786156342393_6

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Social and Cultural Aspects in Taiwan's Economic Development with Special Focus on the Education System and Gender Equality - pp. 185-202

Author: Judit Hidasi

DOI: 10.29180/9786156342393_7

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The Role of the Retail Sector in the Taiwanese Macroeconomy - pp. 203-231

Authors: Gabriella Soós & Tamás József Kozák

DOI: 10.29180/9786156342393_8

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