Intercultural Management Training Textbook

Basic material of the OBIC East Asian Intercultural Management Training

Richárd Mohr, Gábor Osváth, Noriko Sato, Anna Székács:

Japanese, Chinese and Korean Business Culture

Management in the Far East from an Intercultural and Practical Point of View

OBIC has been running its East Asian Intercultural Management Training for BBS students and professors since 2017, and now the course has taken the shape of the present textbook - available in Hungarian. It includes both theoretical and practical knowledge that can be useful for the Reader.

Hungary has a long history with China, Japan and Korea - both economically and culturally. However, despite the strong mutual relations deep differences exist between the Western (Hungarian) and the East Asian communication patterns and behaviors, which are backed by different traditions, perspectives and religious practices. Therefore, interactions in business and everyday life can be hindered by misunderstandings and give rise to various practical questions. The present book seeks to answer these questions and serve as a helpful guide.

The book is divided into 4 main parts:

  1. History and civilization of China, Japan and Korea
  2. Social and cultural relations with Hungary
  3. Etiquette and protocol in East Asia
  4. Economy and corporate management in East Asia

The book is available for purchase online: