Submission Process

OBIC Book Series


Requests to reproduce material from Budapest Business School publications are handled through the permissions service.

If you wish to reuse your own article in a new publication of which you are the author, editor or co-editor, prior permission is not required.

Ethical Principles

In ethical matters, OBIC Book Series follows the recommendations of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences' Code of Scientific Ethics and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE, https://publicationethics.org/), an international professional organization. The evaluation of submitted manuscripts is solely based on their scientific value and their compliance with the Book series' profile. The editors only accept manuscripts that are original, free of plagiarism, have not been published elsewhere and have not been submitted for publication to another journal or book. The editors treat all information regarding the authors, the review process, and the manuscripts as confidential. The editorial board examines any ethical issues arising in connection with the submitted manuscripts within 30 days and keeps in constant contact with the persons concerned.

Handling of Manuscripts

Submitted articles go through two main stages of reviewing. The editors decide first on the publication of submitted manuscripts based on its compliance with the formal requirements and with the book series' focus, on the genuineness of the article and its general scientific standard. If accepted by the editors, articles will be anonymized, and submitted to two independent experts for review (double blind review). The reviews are prepared in a uniform form, according to the same principles.

The Process of Submission, Review, and Publication of Manuscripts

Submitted manuscripts must meet the formal requirements of the book series, and must be sent in doc, docx or rtf format directly to the assistant editors: Marianna Kovács-Gergely (kovacs-gergely.marianna@uni-bge.hu) or Gabriella Kovács (kovacs.gabriella@uni-bge.hu).

After the manuscripts have been received, the editors decide on their acceptance for review and then notify the author about the result of the decision.

Manuscripts will then be evaluated by two anonymous reviewers (double-blind editorial evaluation). During the evaluation, reviewers and authors do not reveal their identities to each other. The editors intentionally do not send manuscripts to people within the submitting author's network, including current colleagues, co-authors, PhD fellows, etc.

The editors will notify the author of the results of the evaluations and the changes requested by the reviewers. The results of the reviews can be 1. accepted without changes; 2. accepted with minor changes; 3. accepted with significant changes; 4. refused. In case of two fundamentally contradictory reviews, the editorial board will ask for a third reviewer.

After returning the manuscripts and evaluation criteria, the authors will resubmit their revised version to the editors, then a new decision will be made on their publication.

The finalized manuscripts are sent to a proofreader, who makes formal, stylistic, and linguistic corrections, which the editors send back to the authors and which the authors are supposed to finalize.

The language reviewers, proofreaders of the OBIC Book Series: David Parker, Iván Nyusztay, Marianna Kovács-Gergely.

The editors reserve the right to withdraw from the publication at any stage of the evaluation process, as well as - in special cases - to make an independent decision about the publication. The editorial board relies strongly on reviews but decides independently on publication.

Despite the complexity of the evaluation process, it is not long: a maximum of one month.

Our book series only accepts independent research results and analyses.

It must be declared that the submitted manuscripts have not been published before - neither in part (over 20%), nor in whole - and that they are not currently under review elsewhere (including other book series, journals, and study volumes).

After publication, all rights, including subsidiary rights, will be owned by Budapest Business School. The author reserves the right to use his/her article free of charge in any book of which he is the author or editor, after publication in the book series and permission to do so is obtained from it.

During the review process and in all editorial matters, the editorial team will contact the author directly, or, in the case of multiple authors, the corresponding author of the study (please take the latter principle into account during correspondence). When specifying the order of the authors, keep the level of contribution in mind.

Please indicate any application grants in the footnote attached to the title.


By submitting a manuscript, the author agrees that the copyright for the article is transferred to the publisher if and when the article is accepted for publication. For that purpose, the author needs to sign the Consent to Publish which will be sent with the first proofs of the manuscript.

Publishing Costs

The book series does not charge any author fees.